There are so many online resources for adult ballet dancers but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. So we’re sharing a few of our favourite ballet blogs (recommended by you guys via our Instagram @adultballetcommunity) and giving you a peek at the amazing adult dancers/ teachers behind them!

Hannah is a stay-at-home mom to two little girls, and happens to be obsessed with ballet. She takes weekly classes and also loves practicing at home.

Adult Ballet Hub is a blog to inspire and encourage adult ballet students. It’s a place where people can gain a sense of solidarity within the small (but thriving!) adult ballet world. Zoe grew up dancing in a small-town RAD studio. After high school she thought she’d be done with dance, but it didn’t take her long to realise that ballet is a hage part of who she is. She now dances in college while also fulfilling her love for the art form by watching, reading, and writing about it! Twirls for Thought aims to democratise the ballet critique. Thoughtful and analytical dance commentary should not be considered esoteric, nor should it be left to the shrinking number of full time dance critics employed by magazines and newspapers around the world. Ballet is a living, breathing, inclusive art form worthy of our attention. So twirl along!

Natasha is an adult ballet dancer and teacher, and also a Ph.D. student of health psychology. Her research focuses on the benefits of ballet for adults. Transcend Normal is a space where adult ballet dancers can learn, find resources and motivation and get inspired on their journey. With a mission to make adult ballet accessible to all!

Alicia is a 30 something mum of 2 who returned to dance after a 13 year hiatus and is taking us along on her journey of rediscovering her true passion for dance.

Dance Niche covers topics and advice relating to dance from various view points of being a dancer, a dance mum and now a teacher, as well as reviewing dance productions. From hints & tips, cross training exercises to dance history, there’s something for everyone.

Georgia is a ballet teacher, studio owner, adult ballet lover, blogger and podcaster based in Australia.

The Balanced Ballerinas podcast and blog is for adult ballerinas, young ballerinas and parents of ballerinas to help them live a life full of grace with a little grit!

Gee is the founder of London Ballet Classes, in addition to her day job. She has extensive experience working in dance, having worked as an inclusive dance teacher with IcanDance and SLIDE and as a producer for DanceWest. She wants ballet to be an accessible and inclusive art form, bringing joy to adults from all walks of life. Therefore her classes emphasise musicality and artistry in addition to technical skill. London ballet classes focuses on teaching variations so all students have the opportunity to truly dance and perform, not just practice!

The Tutu Truths blog covers everything from technique tips and ballet news to inspirational content. So far the blog has explored the pros and cons of graded work for adult ballerinas, advice on staying motivated, how to become and natural turner and much more!

Sarah is a former professional ballet dancer and has been teaching ballet for over 30 years. She is certified in ‘Progressing Ballet Technique’ and is always motivated to share her knowledge and experience.

The Accidental Artist blog helps enable dancers to reach their potential through helpful ballet tips, increasing skills, knowledge and gaining a greater understanding of ballet as an art form.

There are so many wonderful ballet blogs out there but we couldn’t feature them all. Please let us know your favourites in the comments below! 

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