Hi, I’m Natalie. Welcome to my blog!

Here are some things you don’t need to know about me, but might like to…

I prefer sun to snow, mascara to lipstick, a dance class to a gym session, and dinner with friends to Netflix and chill.

I’m 30 and loving it. I have a Cypriot mum, Scottish dad, Spanish boyfriend and British passport. I lived in Madrid for 5 years. When people ask me where I’m from the best answer I can give is ‘Europe’.

I have a Masters in Dance Anthropology and have worked as a Business Executive in the financial sector in London so now I’m a YouTuber, makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?!

I have danced ever since I could walk. Studying contemporary dance at university made me realise, ironically, that I love dance with a discernible rhythm and beautiful aesthetics; not dance for art’s sake. Dance for human’s sake. So since I graduated I’ve focused on other dance styles. I’m not Latina but I feel like salsa, bachata and samba are en mi sangre. I stopped ballet when I was 9 and started again when I was 26. I created my second YouTube channel Beginner Ballet Variations for people like me who came back to ballet as adults and want to dance to the great ballet music of Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Adam and Minkus. It’s never too late to do what you love.

I haven’t eaten meat or dairy for nearly 3 years and my body’s never been happier. I eat lots of fruit and veg but also lots of pasta and pancakes. When it comes to what I put into my body and on my skin I think natural is always best. My beauty philosophy is to learn to love your imperfections and embrace your natural beauty. Make-up is to enhance rather than mask and simplicity is timeless.

I’m attracted by minimalism and mindfulness but am a total beginner. I’m excited about this next chapter of my journey. I believe in equality, peace, science, love and the wisdom of nature.

I’ve travelled a lot but not enough. I’ve been in love a few times but never at peace like I am with Jordan. I’ve overcome insecurities but still have moments of self-doubt. I’ve followed my dreams, changed my mind, made mistakes and had everything I thought I knew turned upside-down (a few times). I’m far from perfect but I’m doing my best.