Ballet requires strength with softness, power with elegance, discipline with expression, technique with artistry, effortlessness with virtuosity. It’s no wonder then that I feel at the same time frustrated and elated, controlled and free, disheartened and in love.

I think part of what makes ballet so special and so rewarding is that it so challenging but it’s also so beautiful and the music lifts you in a way that you almost feel you could fly. It is no wonder then that even after we stop taking classes as a little kid, we still fantasise about dancing.

I think as adults we feel a bit ashamed or embarrassed about being a beginner at something, as if just because we are grown-up we should already know how to do everything. Not true. When I came back to ballet aged 26 I felt totally overwhelmed and uncoordinated but also excited. I didn’t dream I’d get to where I am now but I also knew it wasn’t impossible.

It still amazes me that in 4 years I not only trained in the Conservatorio Professional de Danza Fortea in Madrid but also became a ballet teacher for children aged 2 – 8 and now film online ballet tutorials and variations for beginners. What a journey!

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